Uma feels terrible at the way everyone mocks at Sagar. Sinha requests Vidya to sign the documents but she replies that she cannot because she is illiterate! Just then, Hema is shocked to see Kaushalya near the door. Meanwhile, Sindoora reaches her home in Benares and tells a shocked Uma that Vidya did not want to spend her life with a madman, so she didnt come. Divya was married to Amar. She decides to use it to phone Vidya. Just then, Sagar and Vidya arrive and Uma gives Vidya a warm traditional welcome, while Sindoora and her sisters watch her in contempt. Kaushalya asks Harish and Hema to lend her Rs.

Listen to the classic hindi romantic song “Main Dulhan Teri” from the superhit classic bollywood hindi romantic drama movie ‘Dulhan’ starring Hema Malini, Jitendra, Ashok Kumar. This song is sung by Lata Mangeshkar. Hema comes just then and warns Kaushalya to get Vidyas thumb impression on the house documents. Azerbaijan Watch Satya Vaarta: Sinha says that nobody can remove her out of the house now. Just then Sagar asks what happened to their father.

Just then, they see Vidya helping children with their lines in a mythological drama. When Uma is about to give Vidya a traditional welcome, Sindoora warns her to stop because strangers were not welcomed. Kartik tries to flirt with her but Cheenu arrives just then.

Hema says that she will not punish Kaushalya and scalds Vidyas hand instead! Banoo Main Teri Dulhann – Episode 4 on youtime dilsay. One stop Destination for Latest Bollywood Updates.

Kaushalya asks Vidya later why there were so many differences between the members of Raghavs family. Sindoora further says that it will also remind Uma that Vidya and she were responsible for Raghavs death!

Sindoora gets inside her car and Harsh rushes towards her but the cop asks him to sit in his own vehicle. They walk away angry. Sindoora orders Sagar to go to his room and then taunts Vidya that despite trying to prove herself as a dutiful wife, she got what she rightly deserved!


Sindoora comes to the room just then and warns Uma that Sagar will do only what she tells him! On the other hand, Vidya arrives at the railway station in Delhi but the chit that has Sagars address flies away!

Kartik comes there and volunteers to fulfil every need of hers! On the other hand, Sindoora and Raghav start arguing, so she says that the conflict can end if he does englizh bring Vidya to Delhi. Just then, Kartik praises her food and gives her a sari but Vidya suggests that he give it to his wife.

Vidya feels terrible, so Uma suggests to her to become Sagars friend first. Just then, Harsh arrives there and says that Vidya had come to meet him. Hema suggests to her to mortgage the house, so Kaushalya agrees but asks Harish and her to keep it a envlish from Vidya.

On the other hand, Radhas parents treat Vidya and Kaushalya with warmth. Kaushalya is devastated and says that they will demand an explanation from Raghav for the humiliation.

Sinha tries to reason with her, she retorts that he is only wasting his time. Meanwhile, Cheenu asks Sagar whether he likes Vidya, so Sagar replies that he does because engllsh is always smiling and also likes the water just as he does.

Sign in Continue with Facebook Continue with Google. Sagar had asked Sindoora to rest, after having toiled hard for her house and their fathers business.

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He requests Vidya to meet his uncle just once, or Raghav would die with the guilt. Just then, Hema appears and begs at Vidya and Kaushalyas feet for wlth.

She pleads with them to return. Hema is delighted that the wedding did not take place and makes plans to get Shalu married to Sagar, for greed wpisodes wealth. Vidya tells Raghav that she always tried to tell him that she was not deserving of his son but he kept brushing her aside.


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It aims to filter and provide news-on-the-run for an impatient new generation. Produced by B Anandwali. Hema and Shalu see Sagar for the first time and are surprised to see that he is so handsome.

Sinha arrives with a lawyer who declares that Raghav had willed his house to Vidya, and she also had an equal right over his inheritance. She pleads with Raghav to reject her and asks him to get Shalu married to Sagar. Cheenu sees the photographs and tells Vidya that Sagar had returned from the US and was full of life, ready to take over his fathers business.

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Peisodes To Our Channel: Harsh tries his best to woo Vidya but she scorns him. She eventually vanishes along with her sister Chandra. Chandra and Mahua tell Dr. Vidya looks at the pyre and wonders how she will fulfil such a huge responsibility that Raghav had entrusted on her. Kaushalya at once realises their ploy. People at the wedding hall leave wigh taunt that an illiterate girl like Vidya deserves a groom like Sagar!

Hema tells Kaushalya that Sagar is a madman! Sindoora looks at her fathers photograph and asserts that she will never let Vidya enter their house!

Vidya goes near the car to keep Umas purse when Sagar asks for his jacket from Vidya. Hema scolds Kaushalya, and Kaushalya actually finds some more money later in the shirt. Vidya stays back with Raghav although it is very late at night.

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