What do you think Oh-chan? A final hommage to the show. Reply Parent Thread Link. Oh-chan looks so young though he is about to be 29 years old, right? Something that helps him to remember us. XD I loove it! Amaze your friends with your new T-shirt, ok? Then I went to Japan for a year.

Bribing little Oh-chan with cookies shouldn’t be considered cheating, right? Jun and Nino fighting over chibi! Bribed by cookies like that! This item was filled under [ Variety ]. Log in No account? Maybe you can write next articles relating to this article.

Reply Parent Thread Link. XD I’m glad you enjoyed it! You realize I’m his favourite, don’t you?

He was a super cute baby Just like kid’s art! The croquettes are almost cold Fluffy, comedy Word count: If you talk about drawings, Sho’s Totoro needs a special mention, right?

Tell us Oh-chan, what did you like the most? Maybe you can warch next articles relating to this article. The day has finally come – the end of Himitsu no Arashi-chan. XD I’m glad you liked it!!

With that being said I was a bit happy cause I thought it meant the boys would get less work, have time for other stuff, relax, but then Nino, Aiba, and Sho got their own shows. I loved Share House by the way – I love how relaxed they were and overall how pointless it was. It was amazing and I loved being able to spot out the different moments which they talked about and the transitions between one thing to the next.


It gives me encouragement to keep on writing: I was like “oh ok, that sucks” and then that was about it. I’m a perfect model to follow. Then I went to Japan for a year.

Clockwork Love Song: Himitsu no Arashi-chan

I linked them directly from the net. He had dark curly hair, big brown eyes and an adorable smile… which he saved for his mother and a few chosen ones strangely enough, one of them was certain JE idol who spent almost all the time dazing out, letting his band mates do all the talking.

I love how they fight to give Oh-chan his food And in that moment, Sho almost could swear that the cheerful toddler gave him a mischievous smirk. Leave a Comment Name required Mail required Website. Idiocy is just the perfect word! Bribing little Oh-chan with cookies shouldn’t be considered cheating, right? Do you want him to look like a clown?

Even though I love all of the pairings, each has their own appeal. My black pants are ruined!!

(ENG SUB) Childminder Arashi! – Jun and Nino (part 2)

That’s the most awful T-shirt I’ve ever seen! Unbetaed and not an English speaker. Now that Jun is finally ready to le-Ouch!


I had a feeling the show would be ending. If the food don’t come to Oh-chan, Oh-chan will go to the food XD Bribery it’s not that important, is it? Jun a new word… will they succeed?

(ENG SUB) Childminder Arashi! – Jun and Nino (part 2) – video dailymotion

And of course I don’t mind if you add me! You’re making me blush! What about making some cookies? XD Ohmiya mocking Sho at the end!

Are you listening to me? Unbetaed and not an english speaker. And also other photos of Arashi will only be available at fb: When Sho finally placed Koharu-chan on the carpet, the little gal woke up and began to cry again.

I loved this fic, thanks so much for taking us along for the ride! Thoughts in cursive as always. I had this story almost finished when I began to post it, I only needed to finish a few parts.

I think I’ve everything I could need. Jun still laughed remembering the sour face he had made when he went towards the kitchen to make dinner.

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