They will be expelled from the Academy unless they are able to win a tag team duel as arranged by the school committee. They are to duel against professional tag duelists, the Paradox Brothers. It doesn’t take long for Jaden to get into trouble – he is challenged to a duel by an Obelisk Blue student, Chazz Princeton, who wants to know if Jaden defeated Crowler through real skill or dumb luck. The group heads out into the forest and finds Jinzo. He challenges Jaden to a duel to help him get his fighting spirit back. The first half of the season begins with Jaden arriving as a freshman and being placed into the Slifer Red dorm. Season one covers their first year at the Academy.

On the last move of their practice duel, Syrus draws Power Bond, but refuses to play it because his brother had told him he was not a strong enough duelist, and not worthy of its power. Shining Flare Wingman” Transcription: One of Alexis’ old classmates from her childhood is back to duel her. Professor Banner joins them and tells a story about the Shadow Games and an abandoned fourth dorm at the Academy. The plot centers around Jaden Yuki and his friends, and tells of their adventures at Duel Academy, a school that teaches students how to play the card game Duel Monsters. Chazz and Jaden face off in a duel again, but this time Chazz has a whole arsenal of new rare and powerful cards, thanks to Crowler.

Jesse explains that “Armityle” can’t be destroyed in battle and it can inflict 10, Battle Damage to one monster on Adrian’s side of the field. Tag Duel Part 2 of 2 ” Transcription: Jaden tells his E-Heroes to do their best in the upcoming battle.

He recruits Belowski to help him out. Ahmon is sad that the last thing he did with his friend was fight with him.

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Chazz realizes that he’s in love with Alexis. The duel between Jaden, Syrus and the Paradox Brothers continues. They are confronted by the third Shadow Rider, Amazoness Tanya, who selects Episde to duel against her. Season one covers their first year at the Academy. Yubel comments that the timing is perfect – she needs to hhamon her strength before she duels Jaden, and to do, she needs someone with a tremendous darkness in their heart and Adrian would do nicely.


Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder

It doesn’t take long for the first Shadow Rider, Nightshroud, to appear and challenge Jaden to a duel for his Spirit Key in exchange for Syrus and Chumley’s lives. She also admits she is only in second grade. His dream is to build an underwater Duel Academy and he wants Jaden to become a teacher for the school since he is such a ura duelist.

Seeing this, Syrus is motivated and is able to destroy Gate Guardian, and eventually win the duel using Power Bond – episodde to his brother that he is a strong duelist.

Jaden is now the Academy’s representative for the interschool duel. Chazz builds a new deck of seemingly weak monsters by using cards that others have thrown away, including the Ojama Trio he finds Ojama Yellow’s brothers, Ojama Green and Ojama Black, who also can talk to Chazz. Moke Moke Duel” Transcription: He is able to win and Blair is afraid that he will tell people she is actually a girl.

Densetsu no Miyako Atorantisu ” Japanese: She defeated him and told him that the only thing she was in love with was dueling. Jaden duels against the spirit of the Dark Magician Girl, but after beating her, he realizes that she was a real spirit after all.

The two converse, with a flashback revealing that Yubel had attached the Devil Arm to Adrian after their arrival in this dimension, with Adrian following her orders ever since – that is, until he obtained Exodia. They decide to have a match between the two and the winner will duel North Academy’s representative. Conquering the Past, Part 3. The guards of the tomb arrive and surround Jaden. Jaden tells Dimitri that he should make his own deck and not copy off others, but Dimitri takes it the wrong way and begins copying Jaden in a poor way.

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Amazoness Death Ring” Transcription: Jaden, not realizing exactly what he means, accepts the duel and wins. Jaden swears revenge on Camula and promises to save Zane and Crowler. On Jesse’s End Phasethe fourth effect of “Armityle” removes “Exodius” from play and returns to Jesse’s side of the field.


Banner explained that a long time ago, he discovered the Sacred Beast Cards. Since the beast cards feed off duel energy, he built the school and hid the cards underneath it so that they would get stronger. That night, he steals Yugi’s deck, thinking it will help him win.

Jaden duels against him to free Alexis, but doesn’t have much luck. Chazz has no trouble defeating all his challengers, and finally the champion. Plus, if Jaden loses, he will have his soul sealed inside a card. But it doesn’t look good for them.

It doesn’t take long for Jaden to get into trouble – he is challenged to a duel by an Obelisk Blue student, Chazz Princeton, who wants to know if Jaden defeated Crowler through real skill or dumb luck. Agency for Ravlel Affairs. Jaden oversleeps and is late for an exam. He wishes to duel against Jaden to show them his drawing skills.

Fusion Monsters Chaos Phantasm Armityle. Zane says that it was not just episodr, many other students were watching too.

Their leader challenges him to a duel, and only if he wins he will be allowed to escape with his friends. GX season 3 episodes. Meanwhile, everyone is arguing over who will duel Camula next to free Zane and Crowler.

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Bastion comforts him, but he is still determined to become a much better duelist. One of these monsters is Kaibaman, who has the voice, form and dueling hajon of Seto Kaiba. Jesse then activates the second effect of “Uria” to destroy Adrian’s face-down “Burden of the Mighty”.

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