I didn’t like what I saw there either. I heard it was causing a lot of stress for the actors and crew. Starring Park Shin Hye as the same character she plays in every drama, Lee Min Ho in the second worst decision of his career he can thank Faith for the first , Kim Woo Bin, stealing the spotlight from the leads and seemly a 1, other characters in an over bloated drama, where they get on average 2 minutes per episode. That is also why they haven’t had previews on Thursday nights the last few weeks, they haven’t filmed the next 2 episodes yet. I still say that Won and Tan are going to team up against Daddy Chairman. Most older adults that I’ve come across consider this show cheesy and unrealistic. I thought the spoilers about her not being poor at all is going to come out and true?

Boy does not do half measures. Romance between lee min ho and park shin hye not electric. But hey, I am not complaining. Arranged marriages for the purpose of forming and maintaining allies and retaining increasing wealth, land, and positions of power have been going on since, oh, practically the dawn of mankind. I almost shot my TV when he said that. Buy it laid the groundwork for episode

Maybe the comments complaining about your questions just aren’t as intellectually stimulated as you are. I don’t remember the other phrases you mentioned it’s been a busy few days, LOLbut I do recall the line Kim Tan said about the house’s ceiling being his mother’s sky, because it was so evocative. Okay am I the only one hoping for a bit of an extension for this drama. Won had offered Manager Yoon a new job as his vice president, an offer Manager Yoon is still considering.

Have to agree with your comment about that suit in episode 20 it does drmabeans like curtains from a motel, but for me it was the Bates motel from Psycho not Super 8. Hopefully, maybe Adette will see my questions and will respond to some of them: That was also when Revap decided he never wanted the company. I don’t get DF. The way he just clutches his heart as he cries, too.


Heirs: Episode 19 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

And Young Do offered to run away with her, too. How can Eun Sang ignore Tan losing his father and brother? KES main leads and their lines It looked stupid but not silly, if you know what I mean. I think they did the clothes joke with Young E;isode too, when they kept dressing him and Eun Sang as twins at the campsite.

Oh, I kept the first for another day!

This drama does not make any sense. But I think the changed attitude comes when he asks her to wait for him outside of her place, he hugs her, and she also returns the hug as the camera pulls away.

Recap: The Heirs Episode 16 | Scattered Joonni

Didn’t he say something to his devil gene donor last episode that Hirs had patiently and nicely tried to get Epislde to like him, but now didn’t care. But when they showed the matching pants ES notices reporters in front of school. I only remember faces and ALL the dramas they were in. I hate this track. Right now, I’m beyond intrigued about Rachel and Hyoshin’s thing. When I was there I saw hand-holding and maybe a light kiss on the cheek, but nothing like what we saw.

It’s quite a heavy mind-game-thriller though. She tells him she has a plan to make sure the engagement happens; she wants Tan to apologize to R first. Tan finally has enough and says no.


Choi Young Do is officially awesome. Won is blindsided, stunned that the directors he personally helrs in place would then vote him out, but Dad decrees that their loyalty is to him above all else. Startulle December 12, at 9: Maybe for the last ep? I also agree with your conclusion that while ES might have inspired himit was Tan himself and episofe belief and his courage that allowed him to stand up and fight for his mother, Es and even his own happiness.

But there did seem to be dust or something in my room, causing my throat to close up and my eyes to water. Dramaebans, this drama never makes that much sense so I’m not really surprised and YD always makes my day so yay?

Chan-young worries about Eun-sang and asks whether his father knows anything. CYD is a second lead. On a side note: I will add a paragraph which might be held for moderation, FYI.

Was that ever explained? Thanks for the recap ladies.

Recap: The Heirs Episode 15

So kind of u. LMH’s acting really improved a lot, especially in the last few episodes. Often used in the plural. And could I find it on YT? To me it seems that either she’s never been kissed in real life, therefore she doesn’t know how to relate.

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