I love this movie. Please do it as soon as possible;. What a great film!! I’m also having issues with watching this and Piku too. Lately your movies seem to inflict virus. Better than the first one. Best role Deepika has had, and Irrfan and Amitabh both nail their supporting characters.

Tanu and Manu’s marriage collapses. Admin, please do something about the buffering and lag issues in this movie. Diff Story, amitabh sir exzellent acting What happens when Manu meets Tanu’s lookalike Kusum – and when Tanu returns? Can you guys please upload other new movies. Movie needs re upload or something been trying to watch this past few days won’t buffer at all!

I didn’t like this as much as the first one. The whole website is laggy for me, even when I’m typing this.

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I’m a premium customer too. Please Admin can you fix it. It was slow but I liked it! This time I really understood what was going on.

Another great performance from Deepika, and Big B!!! This film was more enjoyable then the first. This is a wacky romance and enjoyable entertainment.

Returhs movie is buffering and stopping xan you plz fix that problem. I am not able to watch the movie. One of the best movies ever made — the subtle acting of Deepika, and her beautiful expressions are a sight to watch.


It is not an encoding problem.

Good, not a great ending, should have tied it all up. Am a big fan of this website! Thank you einthusan for having posted it! Lol am enjoying without being an premium User: Satyajit Ray would’ve been proud.

Sweetiee Weds NRI (2017) Part 1 – 3 full HD movie Hindi latest

Tanu and Manu’s marriage collapses. I wish I could watch the movie- constant buffering! Kangana performance is great with more humour. We apprecaite the quality this site brings us. I enjoy Indian movies immensely. Big B reminds me of my Grandad, always demanding.

Some things I didn’t like; like, Madhavan in mental hospital. Not sure if you has any advantage here. Dont enjoy the problems of mismatched couples and arrogant woman playing games. The film is set in a Central Asian desert in the 1st Century B. I have no problems with buffering on my iPad iOS. Hi, I’m a premium user. Did anybody else have this problem?

The issue happens with Android and Chromecast. I like that they used the same cast.

Slow down…

Well done Amithab, Deepika and Irfaan. Very funny, sweet performances. I’m also having issues with watching this and Piku mlvie.

Loved the storyline as it’s different. Today the movie stopped playing half way. It also could be that there are too many users on the site and freezing the website.

So others can find this clip. Hey guys any chance of uploading a new copy?


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Both these Tanu weds Manu movies were just kind of pass time movies to me. I am a life time premium account holder why you guys block the movie. I saw the second half of the movie from Eros Now, and it’s a free HD view at erosnow.

So raw, unique and natural. To watch this movie Do note that this doesn’t happen all the time and it only happens for free users. I even reported this for another movie. Movie keeps buffering, unable to watch properly.

I couldn’t see the movie, same as Piku. I’ve been trying to watch this for quite some time He should have died in the beginning only Choose a frame of your liking for thumbnail Give it some details A pulsating human mystery with a love story at the core.

If you would like to watch without ADS, please donate and become a premium member. Could you please add Yeh Jawanni Hai Dewanni.

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