From the opening argument to the final tear, there is a lot of tension and plot development in episode She has no fear? I said I would protect William. With the 21 eps, the storyline was really flawless Picking up where we left off, Beo Jin is taking care of William, concerned over his health. They are both happy to the point of tears, just as Park Yeon arrives to take William away.

She is confused and torn. Mum decides to take a juicy piece of fruit from the pile and give it to Beo Jin. As the women walk along in the village, Beo Jin and her mother silently hold hands while Ggeut Boon and her mother gossip within earshot about how she imprudently stayed with them, and how Kyu could never like her. Kyu was distraught because he knows that Beo Jin will be hurt if he finds out that William is dead. Beo Jin is incredibly pleased, and swiftly goes to the markets. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process.

Aliza November 12, at Episdoe asks him not to forget Tamra. At this point, she looks around to see Kyu smiling. D Thanks nuttacutta for the wonderful recap: Just wanted to compliment you for the great job you’ve been doing.

In her sadness, it seems she knows that they cannot be together forever. I did donate but I can’t find the Tamra. But, this candlestick is no ordinary wall decoration, as the wall spins, taking her into a hidden room. Beo Jin arrives home that night to see the massive mess left behind.

Madame Park then asks if she met up with Kyu every night. And so he comes upon their new house, Beo Jin quickly closing her door and hiding. I will forever adore the underwater as well as the night time scenes of this show, they were amazing! It is still wildly enjoyable, of course, but it is sad that not everyone can see this show the way it was originally intended.

Kyu wonders epislde this means something happened to Beo Jin. On their way back to the house after their nightime stroll in the city, Beo Jin gets tired and walks slowly.


Tamra the Island: Episode 14 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

She comes close to fainting, and wonders what got into these awful people. Thanks nattacatta, for taking on the task of recapping Tamra.

I have long been wishing for her to stop smirking so infuriatingly smugly, fecap it seems I have another hour to wait, as she keeps putting all of our characters through twists and turns. I love the Tamra villagers and Beojin’s mom is a wonderful wonderful character.

Tamra the Island: Episode 7 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

On the East India ship, Yan is applauded for the idea to keep their distance; otherwise, they would have been caught up in the fighting. And utter adoration is really all you can ask. I love them both as individuals but they truly do complete each other however cheesy that sounds and as a couple, they are perfect.

The booty on the ship was far smaller than the stolen goods, and there were no goods of real value. The King considers what to call the puppy dog as Kyu stands up and smiles that 5 million watt smile at Beo Jin, who returns it with one just as bright.

I really enjoyed this drama because of your recaps. But, the Lady in Red goes on to say, success is not a given in Han Yang.

He notices on top episose one of the surfaces a powder that feels suspiciously like the one that was in the water jug. But it when you get past those few minutes The head of the Seo Rin Group wants to meet her.

With the 21 eps, the storyline was really flawless I already saw the 16 ep. I started to get sick of William quite some time ago, finding him overly selfish and having a one track mind. On her way out, she runs into the Elder, and thanks him for the medicine. A great big thank-you to you for picking up where the recaps had stopped.


Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Meanwhile, the Elder instructs his servant to hide the foreigner, and not let Yi Bang see him. Yan scoffs and leaves.

I love this drama and looking forward to your recaps Their chemistry is truly screen worthy and deserves another film opportunity to bring another love story to life. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: The episode version is amazing!

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Funny that the poster gave me the wrong impression of the drama. William’s naivety started to annoyed me a bit here, though given the nature of his character as well as the surrounding circumstances, it was understandable We had a long, unproductive lunch, long unproductive day But when she finds the abalones, she realises that some of these are the tax goods from Tamra.

She is unsure of his purpose here so she decides to follow him. Mum has the same thing on mind, however, telling her that she knows she is taking those oranges for the exile. He turns to see Yan and asks what he is doing in Han Yang. After all, the thieves were suspected by the Royal Inspector the Man in Blackis he doubting him?

He is forced to rejoin the fight as Beo Jin hides. He seems to be there on his East India Company business, as they converse about the lack of progress in their situation. For them, I wanted and needed a happy and idealistic ending, which is what I got.

Do I start at the middle or I really have to start at episode 1 to get the full tamra effect?: I had been watching the full version on viikii and got up to episode 10 when the videos were removed from the channel.

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