This could have been a really good story. I was absolutely glued to my seat for the first two episodes, back to back. Thanks conankung for the interview Posted February 13, I mean this dude has more lives than a cat that has nine lives. Anyways, I am glad at least he redeemed himself by revealing HI location.. Thank you for the recap, I am looking forward to the next ep and I have a good feeling about it.

I just didn’t care anymore because I’ve already figured that Bang-won wasn’t getting anymore screen time. You have no idea how much that part bothered me. I think this was the only way for them to live.. Korean History is turning out to be very interesting Ji Sang advises Lee Sung Gye to frame to former king, considering him to be a necessary sacrifice for a greater good. Episode 11 Episode By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I was hoping this show would get recapped here.

Found the first episode a little confusing, but you help those of us that are so fluidity challenged. I have to admit that with the Great Seer it is warring with Faith. Young-ji thinks that the base must be near a huge rock sere to shield them from landslides, which have been prevalent for the year due to heavy rainfall. Posted February 13, And dare I ask don’t hit me!


DramaTalk: Mini-recap: The Great Seer Episode

He did not died alone. He does no wrong in sageuks! When the king’s son goes missing, Ji Sang must find him in order to not be executed. Lee Young Bum Supporting Cast. I love this drama with all its faults. Lee Suk Joon Supporting Cast. I normally would not get started on a 36 episode drama.

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Retrieved 21 January sinopsls Cast – The Great Seer. Episode 12 Episode In-im finds this laughable since his impression of Gongmin is that of a coward, until the Yuan ambassador reveals himself from the shadows.

Then he eats it. I am glad that Ji-sang knew Jung-geun had revenge in his mind. Can anyone please post a link here to the instrumental songs of this drama?

This time, Young-ji and an entourage follow Dong-ryoon on his journey, which he has to make shackled. No body does sageuks like Ji Jin Hee. Great Seer is more old school, heavy on the history than fantasy. Oh, my heart bleeds. By Berou Started September 21, Kim Ik Tae Supporting Cast.

The Great Seer

I liked that he realized in the end that he was loved by many people. I took into the account the 10 year leap to They did a good job with the material they got. He watches Young-ji as she sleeps across the room, and sinoppsis specifically on her bare feet. Episode 31 Episode The final scene was bad ass, though. Lee Jin Supporting Cast.


LYJ was a waste in here since her character was really pushed at the back I actually think that he would be in his 50s by the time we get to Please enter your username or email address.

She shackles her wrist to his before he has time to react, and throws the keys into the river. Kim Tae Hee Supporting Cast.

After some trials and errors, I found out that my boy CTJ made his entrance in ep 23 emphasized by getting 3 slaps 2 from JS and 1 from his father. I was surprised that Do jun and the queen smiled at the news that Ji-sang, Hae-in, his father and episoee gisaeng house were burned in the fire.

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