Yaksokhae geudaedo naman bomyeo Naman saranghae. Se beon kkajin budichyeo bwa yeoseot beonjjeum uljirado Daseot beon deo igyeonaemyeon kkeuchi boigi sijakhae Jogeuphage dallil surok jungyohan geol nochil ppunya Nege jom deo siganeul jwo sumeul goreul su itge hae. Nan neoreul jikineun jeo bichui gisacheoreom. The two men engage in a rather bumbling fight that ends badly for Sang-chu, and he loses Sohn in the process. Gentleman’s Dignity literal title Revised romanization: Episode 09 Episode

It is just right all around. There were two little things that I particularly liked. We flash back to three years ago, following his rescue and subsequent trip to Japan. But yeah, that’s not the show to go to in order to see what he can do. Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 20 of I’m glad we got some depth to HyeWon.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore dongg. Uriga still in control eumageun jungdogi doego Teok kkeute goin ttambangulkkaji neon nuneul ttel su eobseo. I like Nam Sangmi, I think she’s adorable, I don’t get the criticisms though.

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Yoon-kang acts offended at her rebuke, and when she offers to send them to a gibang instead, he gets up and declares his connection to their trading association over. Choi Won-shin instructs him to take their trainees and lay a trap.

One step at a epsiode. I liked when YK winked at Jung Hoon. I feel like I’m missing something.

My Girl is such poor benchmark for Lee Jun Ki as a lovable actor. Naega nun gama gidohan i sungani Geu eolmana son kkobawatdeon geu narinji Oneuri hanbeonui chance na naeditneun cheot georeum. She became a slave as they said before. Unarmed, Moo-deok decides to beat a hasty retreat and rides off.


Everyone seems to like him but me. Choi is like father of the year in front of her but a cold blooded killer behind her back. Sori naeeo se beon utgo yeoseot gogui norael deureo Daseot sigan jago namyeon da byeolgeo anin ge doel geoya.

Soo In was sheltered from outside and grew up not knowing the dangers in the world, while HW grew up without knowing her father’s other identity, again to get protected from possible dangers. Acting the part of haughty trader to the hilt, Yoon-kang complains about having to take another boat into the city, which gives Choi Won-shin the opportunity to propose an alternative.

You’ve only seen him in My girl, and u decided that you ‘never really like jun ki’. In any case, Hye-won is struck with an idea and offers to help her recover the camera. I like the pacing of this drama; it’s fast and doesn’t keep going in circles making us go, “We get it, move ooooooon.

Choi Won-shin returns home in good spirits, telling Hye-won that the meeting with Hanjo went well.

O] Geobuhalsu eobsi gangnyeolhan i neukkime. Nalgeun ilgijang meonjireul teoreonae mundeuk pyeolchin got geu sogen haemarkge Nega isseo ajik neon geudaero yeogi namaisseo Itgo jinaetdeon geurimi tteoolla jageun tteollimi nae mome saemsosa Jom seogeulpeugin hae geuttaero doragal su eomneun ge Neol chajaganda chueogi bonaen tingkeobel ttaranaseotdeon neverland Geu gose naega neowa barabomyeo utgo isseo Nan yeongwonhan neoui piteopaen.

I’ve had my qualms about Nam Sang Mi in the first two episodes Lee Jun Ki is rocking those glasses. He has since retired from being a soldier and lives in luxury—and interestingly, Sang-chu has noticed a strange figure lurking around Sohn Taek-soo, a police officer.

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SINOPSIS Dae Jang Geum Episode 1 – 54 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

The new arrival looks familiar…. He dkng end up giving his real identity away. LJK’s acting always amuses me. Yoon-kang relocates to an inn, where he drops the Hanjo act to chuckle with Sang-chu, who congratulates him on his return to Joseon and asks why he acted that way with the merchants.


This drama reminded me again while I love him so much. Soo-in grabs her purchase and follows him out. The setup was quite perfect for me. The next day, Yoon-kang heads out with Sang-chu, disguised as peddlers. Gentleman’s Dignity literal title Revised romanization: Tiket deulgo wannayo yeogiro yeogiro jureul seobwayo Geokjeong kavorama yeogi pyeonhi anjayo jakku sigyen wae bwayo kkeutkkaji bwayo ja!

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Sinsa sungnyeo yeoreobun Tiket deulgo wannayo yeogiro yeogiro jureul seobwayo Geokjeong marayo yeogi pyeonhi anjayo jakku sigyen wae bwayo kkeutkkaji bwayo ja!

And I love that she is able to deal with explosives so the firework scene wasn’t only for a romantic atmosphere. RyeBlossom July 10, at 2: Episodes by odilettante. Browsing All Articles Articles.

Sang-chu follows Sohn Taek-soo through the city, but his presence goes detected and Sohn manages to surprise-attack him. Natseon goseul hemaenda haedo gireul irheobeorindaedo nuguboda soljikhan naui mameul ttareulgeoya Joyonghi nune ttuineun momjit ganghago budeureoun nunbit Geobuhal su eomneun nanikka yeah.

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