I have think both Beak-ho and Jin-Woo are equally awesome. Yess i know It’s Yo Seung Ho who carried the drama, but he won’t be able to carried the drama alone if his character sucks We got a lot of pretty in terms of men and camerawork and I could write a whole novel about what went wrong. Plus the plot was unpredictable and they werent any “cliches”! And then you see him an Una and you go “is it really the same guy? I followed your recaps and watched the last few episodes that didn’t make sense.

I was looking forward to her singing part, but I ended up fast forwarding the entire part because she was so off with the music. He continues that patients are likely to forget the trauma surrounding the accident or persons involved. Kim Yoonmi April 1, at 7: And not because she is loud and unladylike, but because she strings along two adorable if milquetoast-y guys, ultimately makes no decision, and still ends up with the adoration of both. Yess i know It’s Yo Seung Ho who carried the drama, but he won’t be able to carried the drama alone if his character sucks YS got the chance to travel back in time. The Heroine is a complete wishy washy for a godamn fifteen and a half episode, I don’t even want to get started on her BatShit personality and lack of logic reactions or I might go on and on forever I know that I Said I was not a moron but with the I. For someone no one would take, she became my Jerry Maguire.

I really need to stop flashing back to that kiss in Episode 11, though. That aside, I agree with you about their friends.

Once upon a time, a manboy cried cause the girl he loved married someone else. I mean I want to know how their futures panned out as well. The writes got pretty lazy in teh second half or maybe just the editor Anyway, I left my brain somewhere far far away during the second half of this drama. Did you forget about that? Anyway, I will still recommend this drama as siinopsis touched me, kept me guessing, slnopsis ultimately satisfied the romantic and illogical part of my brain.


He really knows how to make you root for him. I want to know if it is a sad ending. I find most user on Dramabeans civil with each other regardless if they agree or disagree with an opinion.

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But poor poor JW. Episode 5 by TeriYaki. In Will it Snow for Christmas, Go Soo’s character sings into his cell phone for his momma, and accompaniment follows him beautifully.

But yh was a really good drama,wouldnt watch it twice though,the 1rst time is already more than enough!: The writes got pretty lazy in teh second half or maybe just the editor. I felt that since Baek-ho has worked so hard to get Yi-seul that he should get her, but I also felt that he deserves more and that she didn’t really earn this happy ending.

The drama universe is blessed to have him.

Sinopsis ‘Dong Yi’ All Episodes

That camera thing really bothered me too! Then he notices all the little things that she did for him: Then she could have gone back to the time sinopsks YS threw the ring and got back together with him. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. It was hard to keep up with this drama in the beginning but after three episodes it got me all hooked up.

It would have made Park Eun Bin’s song from the closet scene that much sweeter does she have a singing or piano background?

Can you name another LEAD actor in a show, albeit a fluffy rom-com, who was 18 years old and carried it so convincingly like this kid did? Unfortunately, both Jin-ju’s voice and the song began and stayed in the correct key – it was that she didn’t sing the whole track IN TUNE.

Episode 6 by Helcat. I’ve lost watching this show, I am now questioning my own sanity for kind of finishing this drama. Then about her coming in the snow to find him at the army base with food that she stayed up all night to make etc.


I can’t believe that I watched the whole thing sometimes raw and the only reason for that is YSH. I even enjoyed yelling at the screen. It could have been better. All in all, the little moments in this oadorama are what carried me through for over 16 hours.

And my love for YSH as an actor only grew. This is not a girl who “consistently says no”!!!! Such a nice nod to YSH’s movie he acted in when he was a kid.

Sinopsis ‘Dong Yi’ All Episodes – Korean Drama Sinopsis Indonesia

I so love their chemistry! I love you Yi-seul. Then at the very end, the footage Chan-wook uncovers plays before them. I’m with Gummi on this one. Try your best sinopsiw the present Bring in the Buddhism.

I might be a bit different, I basically skip other couple’s part coz I so want to know what is going to happen between the main leads. We witness the same wedding march from the first episode with Yi-seul walking down the aisle with her father.

She turns to leave, but he gently pulls her in for a backhug. The doctor basically explains that Baek-ho is suffering from, wait for it — selective memory loss.

If he were smart, the script would have been: Jin Won was also terrifically acted – won’t everyone want such a perfect guy! Tearing now, he sincerely thought that he was the one who could make her the happiest eppisode in the world in good times and bad.

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