Park Joon Geum Supporting Cast. This is already one of my favorite dramas and that’s saying something. But I’m gonna stick around even if the fantasy stuff isn’t so good, cuz they already have me hooked to the characters. That pisses me off, because SO many scenes in episodes you can see that a natural kiss, nothing hot and heavy, but something tender and in-the-moment, was warranted. OOOhh I love it. Yoon Joo meets up with her step dad. That sit-up scene was super hot!

So Ran sees the news about Ah Jung, which accuses her of spreading rumors of a fake marriage to Hyun Ki Joon and using that to threaten him. I like this twist of the cold boy-poor girl storyline where the boy is a neurotic that makes him look obnoxious or in fact, he is to a certain extent. I love the songs, it is full of angst. If I love something enough I’ll make time for it. JB you are really quick! Moozy January 16, at

Ki Joon says that Ah Jung needs to be his. Thanks for the recaps! Love this guy and his whines of “sajang-niiiiim”.

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It would be really nice to see a full circle thing where as a real married couple they throw a real housewarming. I was so much in pain when saw her cry n runaway. Many actresses would have totally broken character and ruined the shot with an NG.

Why reinvent the wheel when the wheel is created perfectly the first time around. Can’t wait for the next episode!

I was so confused watching this raw, like the signs and the book titles. Darn…Logic it really does eisode. It all boils down to the original scriptwriter not being able to properly execute her story from the very beginning. I swear Ji Hwan dug out the daddy death scene from there where Geun Seok looked all constipated, BTW, seriously Chang Hwe not his best performance for moments of this episode. She lays all the blame at her feet and absolves Ki Joon of any involvement. Mu-gyul and Mae-ri were cuuuute!


Lie to Me Episode 14 Recap

I have been giving so much of my time up for dramas when I was suppose to be working on college projects. She looked there 3 times!!! Even the director kisses up to her, excusing her from work and ordering Chae-rin to do her own stunt. Today he decides, based on an exaggerated article in the news, that he would like to take on the position of cultivating new talent.

I threaten to quit then. Looks like the writer is using some Austenisms. This is also the first drama in the list that I’d attribute most of its success to one person – Hyun Bin. I wish the cherry blossoms will bloom soon maybe KJ will propose to AJ. To be brutally honest, its like “lol you’re wasting your time on random dramas while drqmacrazy are people out there being creative, working and producing things for their future episde not wasting a minute of their life”.

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Baek Ji Young Supporting Cast. I am totally hooked, I meant I can rewatch ep 1 to 3 for three or four times and still find it charming. Her career gone and her self-worth under scrutiny. I am probably the only fan of this show who hasn’t seen it!


Secret Garden

Like something you just wanna savor. That is so TRUE!!!!!! Sang Hee wonders why his older brother has to allow the woman he loves to hurt right now?

He says he asked her as a friend. This is the performance that has definitely moved me. Skip to primary content.

Nana January 14, at 3: The new writer who took over the job seems to be a pro in story telling but does not have the capacity gardem creatively excite viewers with the story.

Some go to the extent of insulting international fans, that because the ratings for LTM is low in Korean, it goes to show that Koreans are smarter than international fans who loved the show I think to imply that LTM is much more popular internationally while not so popular in Korea so Koreans can better differentiate what a good drama is, compared to international fans.

The party kiss BTS was the best so far. It must be so great to have actors who easily make a script come to life… and then some.

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