Marg — to the Mother Have you nothing to say? Se fossero mie ti direi — fatti un giro, ma le ho affittate per un evento. Elegance is not comfort. Mother — she tries to strike her with her fist, but misses her and strikes the table instead upsetting everything on it Do you hear her Pierre? Her — adjusting the dressing gown around his shoulders But where do you work? There is also a religious image of the Madonna and child which marks the infamous crossroads.

Do you never come up with an…accepting word? Duras — Listen to the way you talk! Her — suddenly raising her arm looking for these? In July A. He smiles with such a vengeance that one might be inclined to believe that some involuntary grimace contracts the corners of his mouth, filling them with frothy spittle, which cause even the most intrepid courtiers to lower their eyes so that a self-styled impartial observer may be led to surmise that the King of France enjoys the deepest and most spontaneous respect of his subjects, who in reality, from the youngest to the oldest, bow their heads in his presence to avoid encountering his smile. Her come out from behind the furniture, wearing panties, bra and self-supporting. Nothing big I mean.

Seb — imitating her Yes, yes I do… You come here to act the bitch in my house…. I crossed many lands mountain pathways and woods in perfect solitude. Her 2 — What a pity. Yann — When I mustered up the courage, I came here… and you let me in. He puts on the cloak, takes up his case and puts on the glittering female shoes with the extremely high heels, velvet gloves and all the other things that he vilm denote a queen.


Yann — he pretends to throw something out of the window There you are. The usual useless questionexcuse my frankness… the situation is always the same, stationary. He turns it on. Physician — But what are you doing? Seb — What really pisses me off is that nobody ever tells the truth.

Seb — I have many.

As a good Catholic girl, the religious experience added another dimension to my visit to Rome last year, with my parents and son. The Pantheon was previously a Roman temple before it became a church and is known for the Oculus or circular hole in the dome which opens it to the elements. The town offers stunning panoramas of the calanchi appennini flm rock formations found frequently in the Mulre mountain range. Physician — Calming down a little and raising his head Me?

It is thought to be the oldest religious image painted on a Roman street and is believed to have been originally painted in A. Could I understand that?

Duras — While you… with your pink hat and rhinestone comf. Cerusico — Non serve a niente credere nelle ombre, demolite i vostri incubi, tornate alla vita! Mr Chang is their gold mine. There were these coats of arms above the doorways and oversize cherubs all round the perimeter. Seb — Your life? I might die tomorrow, drown in hel river and stay floating in the water without anybody noticing …. In theory she gipvanna only be cutting a tiny piece off the tip of the lipstick But her fury is homicidal.

Giovanna — Ma lei non si piaceva e piangeva maledicendo il giorno in cui era nata. Although suitable exhibition space in Rome has increased tremendously in recent years, the exhibitions themselves are often of varying quality.

I wanted to prevent you from…. Marg — And your hair…nobody wears it pulled back so tight anymore. Giovanna si sveglia di soprassalto Santo Padre….


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Her — That will come of its own accord, in its own time. She opened her waxy eyes bewildered…. One and Two enter dressed as Malays, with mincing footsteps, they carry a large multi-coloured veil which they manipulate and throw in the air with grace and dexterity, like jugglers in a Chinese circus.

Duras — Even in the loo. So, get out of here!

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When one has a feeling for the sea, as she put it, a feeling for the sea, it makes no difference whether you were in a small fountain, in the sweet Mediterranean or at the hub the chasms the sea is capable of conceiving. Her 2 — An impressive expanse of love such as was never seen before drenched with your sighs …. Inside the church is adorned with beautiful mosaics and frescos and is full of colour. I feel like dancing, eating. Voleva essere un maschio.

Cerusico — si mette in ascolto Le campane. Yann fetches a bottle and two goblets. Francesco — Si… parla ancora francese… mi piace… Vieni qui! You may not know that the Roman marathon also hosts an extremely popular Rome Fun Run. Their marriages are business contracts. What would one not do for a son? Physician — Are your bowels empty?

He vanishes into the darkness.

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