Be the first to review this item IMDb 8. Saewa discovers that she is pregnant with Do Jin’s child. Anna is overcome as Kim Jun enters her meeting with Mrs. Episode 85 Episode Send us Feedback Get Help. Episode 60 Episode Cho flees from the bedroom after waking from a dream about her daughter.

A chef offers to spy on Dong Hae and give regular reports to Do Jin. The drama seeks to give light to the fading true meaning of love and marriage and the associated responsibility. Episode 73 Episode Do Jin attempts to learn the identity of Dong Hae father’s before getting into a fight. A tabloid reporter appears at the Kim home to address recent rumors of trouble in Saewa’s marriage. Plus, Taehun and Saeyoung may get a divorce. Kim leaves without revealing her plans as Kim Jun is forced to tell her about Anna.

Saewa worries about her mother-in-law revealing information concerning Anna. Episode 15 Episode Do Jin is disturbed to learn a serious decision involving his parents. Saewa’s plan to impress her future mother-in-law works 1555 Dong Hae forces Saewa to break-up with him in person. Saewa sees a photo of the Chos’ missing daughter and realizes that Anna is Dongbaek.

Everyone feels that Mr. Episode 81 Episode The cooking competition continues at a television station as Saewa interviews the remaining contestants about their recipes.


Episode 46 Episode Episode 3 Episode 3. Dong Hae overhears Sunae talking with her family and their conversation makes him s,ile about their current status. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Available to watch on supported devices.

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Dong Hae’s mother asks him to meet someone special but James has an accident before he can arrive. Saewa’s mother offers money to have Anna and Dong Hae move from the area. Kim but Do Jin stops the conversation. Darma middle-aged couple struggles to work out their marriage. Saeyeong goes into labor on Saewa’s big day.

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Lee Gangjae leaves his factory to talk with Mrs. Dong Hae is accused of betraying the hotel. He gives the diamond and wants her to leave Dong Hae. Dojin is injured in his fight with Dong Hae and Sulnyeo tries to sabotage Dong Haes chances of staying at the hotel. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Tae Hoon talks to his wife about studying law and he strongly advocates staying away from all dongjae activities.

Saewa’s mother is interested in Pil Jae but smils only shows interest towards Anna.

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Watch your favorite shows on Prime Video. Bong Yi and Dong Hae participate in a special cooking competition at the hotel. Episode 92 Episode Do Jin talks to Saewa about a mysterious key but she refuses to answer his questions.


Episode 86 Episode Read and leave comments Comment Policy – Stay on topic and do not spam. Donghae has come to marry his girlfriend but he is again betrayed.

Dong Hae carries Mrs. Episode 53 Episode On the day of his big competition and her big date, Dong Hae is badly hurt.

Dojin wonders what is going on with Dong Hae and his father. Bong Yi has an argument with Do Jin after she leaves Saewa at the hospital. Do Jin learns about Saewa’s life but he fails to discover the name of a man she lived with at the time.

Episode 57 Episode Yujin calls Bong Yi to say that she saw Dong Hae but he quickly disappeared into the crowd.

Saewa worries that Do Jin has discovered the truth after seeing him flee from his father’s office. Episode 42 Episode

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