The lack of a decent ending in episode 11 also sucks. Or am I getting it wrong? When Kaede suddenly appears in the wreckage, Akane assumes she is the enemy and shoots her gun at her. All masochists used to be Entrails Animals. LMAO This episode was well Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. P By2 for now Shizuru-sama.

Would you like to merge this question into it? In spoiler my anime list for now. What the fuck did I just watch? I’ll just pretend this never happened and rate the show a 7. It wasnt the best episode but it was a extra thats on the same level as a ova, and to let that episode decide your final score Is silly, and your missing the point of why its called a extra. Later male Natsuru and the girls are having a fun time in the hotel.

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What is an English dub love anime? Or am I getting it wrong?

Sections of this page. Disemboweled Tiger decides to head on outside to enjoy this occasion and sees Natsuru’s friends Mikoto, Shizuku, and Akane on the streets only to notice that they’ve also been body swapped with their respective messengers, namely Strangled Stray Dog, Electrocuted Wildcat and Black Seppuku Rabbit, as well.

Retrieved December 30, However, Mikoto, Shizuku and Kaede show up as well. Service and light comedy. I know that was supposed to be fanservice. Later on, Shizuku wonders if she’s jealous over Natsuru.

Are the subs out yet? The message “Merry Christmas” Extra for christmas And if you look at the preview of it from episode 11, up the top it says “Extra Show”: The 12th was absolutely unnecessary Another one in our list of trailers.

Plus you also can find varius gender bender anime by linkcrystal. Episode 1 Sub – Watch Kobato.


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Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As it turns out it was actually another move to get close to Natsuru. Then I tried bringing logic in. Karin Based on the Chibi Vampire mangas. I’m not sure whether to hope for a season 2 so the plot can be resolved or hope the series is locked epsode somewhere so my opinion of it doesn’t get even worse.

BBCode Pantyshots are a different matter entirely. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it?

It was never boring. Naruto And Shippuden 2. Against my will I found myself chuckling and sometimes even laughing. On the day of the beauty contest, Natsuru does not have an act, but then Kaede comes on performing a skit, jampfer a bouquet into the audience.

The next day, Kaede whispers something in Shizuku’s ear, confirming her suspicions. Pantyshots are a different matter entirely. But when the others said “will we ever become humans again” I wondered about the tiger, if it’s the messenger, a plain doll, or a third natsuru. When the three of them wake up later chained together, Kaede tries to get Natsuru to finish them herself, but he spots a keychain he previously bought for Shizuku and snaps out of it, declaring that he will not betray his friends despite his love for Kaede.

This whole episode was about entrail animals in human bodies and Kamfer fanservice. Overall it kxmpfer a average anime, but with an end like this is just goes from average to horrible. Natsuru, unexpectedly accompanied by Akane and Shizuku, arrives at Kaede’s house, which has a lot of Entrails Animals. Ikkitousen Xtreme Xecutor Or am I kkampfer it wrong?

Where can i watch Kampfer, subbed or dubbed online for free?

Kampfer wasn’t that good to begin with, but this end really sucked. The show was really up and down and up and ended decidedly down with these last 2 episodes. I was expecting this episode to be crappy like the rest but despite the bit of randomness it was good. This is without a doubt the worst episode in the series and there was some pretty bad ones mid series.


Just hoping second season Natsuru and Akane have trouble fighting against her, but eventually manage to stop her. I loved this show up till that last ep Male, female, and entrails?

Where can you download English dubbed anime? In the second round, Akane pairs with Natsuru, but he breaks the stick before she can reach. Time to unleash the true powers of all the fighters. Justice League – Crisis on two earths.

Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. Which makes it more hilarious because its said by Yukari Tamura the voice of Epjsode. Kaede goes to a church to confess the sin of committing indecent acts with multiple girls all at once, but she just ends up being punished by the student council who also happen to be working there.

Anime Universe shared a link. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Natsuru makes a deal with Shizuku to let her live if she leaves Kaede alone.

More like the whole series was, not just vdoh episode.

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