Valmet finally confronts Chen, where they share some words before she kills him, finally avenging the deaths of her subordinates. Jonah easily beats Lutz in a game of paintball. Claiming that her plan is already past the point of no return even if he kills her, Koko convinces Jonah to put down his gun, but because he cannot decide whether or not to join her, he flees away instead. October 16, at 8: Just after leaving, Black learns of Hex’s apparent suicide and decides not to give up on Koko, after being reminded by the voices of R and Hex, who warn him not to underestimate Koko. As they take a walk together, Koko talks to Jonah about the attempted hit on her and the team.

Miami to tell him what she and Koko are truly planning. Meanwhile, the rest of Koko’s bodyguards head to the mountains to locate and protect Dr. Action , bahasa , bahasa indonesia , comedy , downlaod hemat , download , episode , Eyeshield 21 [ Subtitle Indonesia ] , IDWS , mediafire , Shounen , Sports , sub indo , subtitle , terbaru. With Koko doing nothing for two days, Amalia and Euro Group, who have tapped Koko’s phone and computer, believe they have won until they learn news that both the German and Spanish military have decided to buy HCLI’s Predators, which convinces Country B to follow suit. Meanwhile, Koko has formed a front company that is purchasing Euro Group stocks as part of a hostile takeover. Funimation has licensed the series for the North American market [6] with the French market under the license of Dybex. Miami refuses the offer and has Curry consider quitting the arms dealing business and opening up a restaurant.

Furthermore, Hex was discharged from the disbanded Wide Range Communications Platoon and recruited to the Special Operations Group of the SAD, leading black ops missions against arms dealers, including Echo, one of Koko’s subordinates.

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October 22, at Eventually, Koko’s bodyguards secure Dr. In Jakarta, Kasper meets with one of Ganville Trading’s employees named Kurosaka, who takes the opportunity to attempt to kill him, but she is jormingand and killed by Chequita. Miami and her bodyguard Mokoena have gone off to the mountains to find butterflies. After safely delivering the rest of the doctors to their destination near a refugee camp, Koko sends Lehm, Mao and Wilee to ambush Baldra’s convoy, rescuing Riviere, capturing Baldra and giving his location to Scarecrow and Schokolade, who sends a US Marine SOR commando team to get him.

On the flight over to Japan, Jonah reflects on how he came to meet Kasper. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

In the present, Koko has a private meeting with Amalia Torohovsky about Black and his quest to put arms dealers under his thumb for the CIA. October 23, at 8: Jonah easily beats Lutz in a game of paintball. October 21, at ihdo Later during a science lesson, Mao shares with Jonah that he is married with children, and he was discharged from his artillery unit before being hired as one of Koko’s bodyguards, something his children does not know.


However, everyone except Jonah gets sick after eating his scrambled eggs. On the other hand, Karen Low of the Daxinghai Company is covertly deployed to the mountains with a small team of Daxinghai contractors to jormunvand Dr. Left with no other choice, she agrees but secretly tells her bodyguards they will rendezvous with Tojo and Valmet and escape through the border. Jonah ponders that despite having traveled with her seasoj so much time, he has not yet realized her true character.

However, Lehm drags Jonah back using a hook and rope, chastising the boy for needlessly sacrificing his life. As Kloshkin realizes too late seasoj he has been fooled, Koko orders Jonah to kill him.

Some time later, Amalia visits Koko, hoping to collaborate with her, and displays the newest UAV technology recently obtained.

Just as he is departing with his team, Kasper permits Jonah to leave the team. Koko celebrates with her bodyguards over dinner where they welcome Jonah into their group. In Port ElizabethDr.

Meanwhile, Kasper sends a message to the Japanese company by having some of their men killed. When William “Wilee” Nelson is instructed to take Jonah away by teaching him a grammar lesson, the latter heads to the restroom to relieve himself.

Black and Hinoki react coldly to the announcement, and Jonah realizes that Koko has no interest in this at all when she briefly discusses seaeon with Amalia. Hex plans to find out what hurts Koko the most before destroying it. He also informs them that the unit was created due to American requests during the Vietnam War, which evolved into a dummy corporation named Ganville Trading.

October 16, at 8: Koko and her team are en route to jormungamd weapons to a country south of Russia, but discover that the nation’s forces led by Major Pollack and the Russians are fighting over the country’s oil pipeline. Jonah idw the battle when he ruins the ambush of the Daxinghai faction by randomly firing his assault rifle, causing a Daxinghai contractor to panic and return fire.

This gives Koko’s bodyguards the advantage over Karen’s group. Meanwhile, as Koko’s team is preparing themselves for the kidnapping, Lutz questions Koko about her true intentions. Both the opening and ending theme songs for the first season were produced by I’ve Sound. Back in the present, Koko’s bodyguards continue to protect Koko and Jonah when Orchestra performs a drive-by using the M2 Browning machine gun in their pickup truck.


October 17, at See also TV Schedule. Miami to debut the grand opening of a toy factory in South Africa, which brings up the attention of Schokoladewho contacts Jerry “Scarecrow” Schatzberg to inform Black about it. In DubaiKoko tells Tojo to give Jonah a math lesson and then decides to go out shopping with Valmet.

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Miami refuses the offer and has Curry consider quitting the arms dealing business and opening up a restaurant. Can he keep everything he’s worked toward from falling apart? Kirimkan Ini lewat Email BlogThis! After waking up from the hospital several days later, Valmet learns Karen survived as well but mysteriously disappeared. People are growing wary of Koko after a respected physicist is abducted by an unidentified jdws. When Pollack’s mountain infantry unit surrounds everyone in the building they are hiding, Koko and iindo team decides to face the unit, but she betrays Curry by telling the unit that the people who murdered Pollack’s escorts are inside the building before the group flees.

As they take a walk together, Koko talks to Jonah about the attempted hit on her and the team. She also realizes this was part of her father’s plan to win favor with the Outspoken Doctors for Humanity and the CIA.

Lapor Link Rusak Disini. Miami and Mokoena, who are found in a field in the mountains full of butterflies. October 20, at 4: While Koko and her party travel to Japan, Jonah recalls the events that led to him being recruited as one of Koko’s bodyguards. Miami and Mokoena went out to scavenge shellfish at a beach. Audible Download Audio Books.

Jormungand – Borderland Op Full High Quality

Two years have ondo and wars have spread throughout the world, all predicted by Koko, who still has not activated Jormungand just yet. Koko Hekmatyar personally recruits Jonathan “Jonah” Mar before they travel en route to Eastern Seasoj, where a local government official has kept a shipment of HCLI MiG fighter upgrades under lockdown from his country’s air force for fear it would lead to regional tension with its neighbors. Two years have passed since Jonah left Koko and began working for Kasper.

October 15, at 3:

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