Has he even apologized? Improvising to get a solution. He has had enough. Some more hurtful remarks on her gold digging ways. Still his name attached to her. But this is Khushi. This time it is intent, listening, processing.. You are still guilty however pure your intentions were.

Aman calling Aakash sir? But hasn’t she also hidden the truth from him? I don’t think you possibly can. He can never really be apart from her again. Kushi did it for her love for Arnavji. He has had enough. Why not calling ASR? Iss pyar ko kya naam doon TV Show.

Remember the leering when he came into her room with the excuse of juice to get the locker key? Rabba ve has had enough. He had heard about the mysterious fiance who lived as a paying guest. He stands on the entrance to the terrace, ready to continue the baat jo karni thi.

A lover waits for words from his beloved’s mouth. She has no answer to that.

Khushi’s voice quite thick with emotion. Quite a viscous circle of love really except that only one of the people involved was truly viscous. Not possible really if you do love someone not to trust them whole heartedly. Don’t really mean it. Kushi did it for her love for Arnavji.

She won’t sit and cry helplessly and wait for a knight to come rescue her. Every single movement speaks only of love to me. For me the true betrayal never really was what he saw but the fact that she didn’t immediately feel the need to tell him the truth when she came to know of Shyam. Still his name attached odon her. Has he even apologized?


Arshi Fan Fiction Book. ASR lost his bluetooth and is unreachable!! I don’t think you possibly can. Nice understated acting by Sanaya. He misses his actual boss and wanted to make do with another raizada brother. Immacuately controlled low voice as nwam questions her, “Had I asked you that night would you have told me? And now as Arnav forces himself to disbelieve every word Khushi says it is for the love he has for her.

Some more dpisode remarks on her gold digging ways.

“Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon” Episode # (TV Episode) – IMDb

If each time I sensibly listened to who was right and reasoned out who was wrong wouldn’t I be in the pages of a cliche romance novel? Had he shown any signs of redemption? Shed a few tears. Surely he hasn’t forgotten all that. Compulsion to prolong the drama. And two people who after mouthwatering golgappas, nights full of love, a daylight ghunghat uthana ceremony complete with flowers are now back to their tragic reality of misunderstandings.

Doesn’t he remember Khushi breaking down, in a singularly tender scene, when fresh from the knowledge of the creep she had almost gotten tied to for life, her feet had wandered to the one place she felt safe. If you are an accomplice to a crime you are equally guilty. And so it feels real this next moment.


Episode 248 ipkknd

He saw what he saw and concluded what he wanted to. More than her he trusts himself. Neither is without blame. And she is confessing in front of him, negotiating with him and assuming that he will help her.

Episode #1.248

And his love for di. It is time to mourn. His eyes are held wide open. But am out in the real world.

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But she insists she should have perhaps dared to question him that night, “Shouted, yelled and nama you know the truth”. She needs him to believe her. But here alone with that girl whom he loves and just cannot live without he has to say this.

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