Takuma and Tamaki both intend to sacrifice themselves for the other, and Aria confronts Drei about his true identity. After the young man, recognized as Takuma Onizaki, saves her, he walks her to the village where her grandmother is staying. At night, Takuma tells Tamaki not to worry and not to run away. Tamaki runs into the forest filled with red leaves falling to the ground and finds Takuma, who promises to be by her side no matter what. After the three tell Shinji that Mitsuru Kotokura , a maid who works at the shrine, was depressed after Shinji previously left the village, Shinji reveals that he left the village in order to manifest his powers through training. After Tamaki deduces that the Onikirimaru seal has weakened, Suguru explains that the Onikirimaru seal is protected by the blood of the Tamayori and the five Artifacts kept in seal grounds. No copyright All rights reserved. After attempting to stop Eins from hurting Takuma, Tamaki summons the Onikirimaru from within the lake, breaking the barrier which covers the area in a dark breeze.

After Takuma defeats Eins, Shizuki and Ashiya arrive to take Tamaki back to her room, where Shizuki later explains to Tamaki that the only way to completely seal the Onikirimaru and save Takuma is to sacrifice herself. Aria leaves after saying that she will bring the Logos back at the second seal ground on the following night. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Aria says that the Onikirimaru is merely resting, as she is waiting for it to awaken to show its full power. World Series — Rurouni Kenshin: She gets attacked by three slime creatures, and a mysterious man comes charging in to save her tells her to be quiet. However, Tamaki reaches out to Takuma and kisses him to revert him back to human. Views Read Edit View history.

Vowing to protect the Tamayori Princess, the six Guardians try to attack and defeat Drei, but to no success. When Tamaki senses a presence at the first seal ground, Tamaki and the Guardians head over there, only to find a little girl named Aria Rozenburgleader of the Logos.

About Categories Privacy Policy Contact. As Mahiro, Yuuichi and Shinji leave the school on the way to the hideout of the Logos, they chance upon Ryou, who reveals that he is actually a Guardian and offers to join them in their cause.

Before leaving with Takuma, Mahiro tells Tamaki that he already knows that he is not strong enough to fight. Aria sends Eins to retrieve the other Artifacts, prompting Takuma to give chase.


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The next day outside, Tamaki is suspicious when she sees Shinji talking to Fiona, but Tamaki is further shocked upon seeing Ryou spying on Shinji as well. There, the five Guardians encounter a group known as the Logos, who are after the Artifacts.

Eins stops the ceremonial offering and faces Takuma in an intense battle. Undying Love Hiiro no Kakera: Mahiro confronts Shizuki and offers himself as a sacrifice in place of Tamaki, but Shizuki tells him to disregard the matter.

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On the way to the third seal ground, Tamaki and the Guardians find Eins and Zwei attacking the mountain god before extracting the Necklace from the third seal ground and taking their leave. The Guardians and Tamaki fight against an all-powerful Drei. Over a cup of tea, Aria wonders if the Onikirimaru can resurrect the deceased, but Suguru believes that this would be an unforgivable act if it were even possible.

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O-chan goes to the storehouse to Takuma, who can see Tamaki through O-chan’s eyes. No love’s like to the first. After school, Yuuichi tells her that the Guardians are tools and not humans, which is something Tamaki disagrees with. YouTube 5 years ago. Shipping and discount codes are added at checkout. Fiona Ashiuma 88 Tamaki’s English teacher, who welcomes her to the class.

Tamaki learns from her classmate Kiyono Takara that there have been recent disappearances in the area. As the barrier is proven to be strong, Mahiro and Yuuichi restrain him, both telling him to stop worrying about the past and try concentrating on the future. Suguru explains that the five Artifacts, which originally belonged to the Tamayori Princess, consist of the Necklace, the Bracelet, the Bells, the Mirror and the Ring.

Aria and the Logos then take their leave. After being attacked by strange creatures upon her arrival, she is soon informed that females in her family contain the blood of the Tamayori Princess, dugbed has the responsibility and power of tamayoru gods and ghosts sealed away so that they can’t harm the general public. At night, Takuma tells Tamaki not to worry and not to run away. Ryou, after advising Tamaki and Takuma to leave the village, reveals to them that he is part of the Inukai family, mentioning that Shinji was adopted into that family fhe is the twin brother of Mitsuru.

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Hiiro no Kakera – The Tamayori Aria leaves after saying that she will bring the Logos back at the second seal ground on the following night. Leave the hard work to us: As fall season rolls around, high school student Tamaki Kasuga is on her way to her grandmother’s shrine in a village surrounded by nature.

It is later explained that she has to continue the role of the ancestor Tamayori Princess to seal the sword Onikirimaru with the help of her five Guardians.

At the school roof, even though Yuuichi comes up with a plan to patrol the last two Artifacts, Shinji wants to continue searching for the location of the Logos. Tamaki Kasugawho is enjoying the time of peace after the Onikirimaru incident, is surprised to see her Guardians still escorting duubbed to school. Aria frees the Guardians by giving them the five Dybbed and allowing them to leave, and Aria soon realizes that Drei is one of the four Wisemen. Still on the run, Tamaki runs into Ryo and Kiyono.

Takuma and Mahiro express their hliro to Tamaki for how she handled the situation. PG – Teens 13 or older Summary: Tamaki meets with the Guardians on the school roof, where Suguru suggests that the Guardians should live with Tamaki to further protect her in response to the recent events.

E4 The Destruction of the Five Houses The gods are become more impatient, and Tamaki may be too weak to control the events heading their way. Drei plans to obtain the Onikirimaru once and for all.

After Mahiro confronts Shinji for his betrayal, Shinji runs off in tears. Retrieved from ” https: The thrilling adventure continues in Season 2 of Hiiro no Kakera: An AmV Ive made long ago, probably a year or so If you want to use the subtitles doesnt matter how please When Kiyono Takara arrives at the shrine, Ryou tells her that Tamaki is confined in the storehouse.

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