Well, you’re not going to end of with every photo being perfectly in sharp, or perfectly in focus, and you know, a true winner. And you know what? And that goes too with different athletic dogs, your Shih Tzu dogs, your agility dogs, obedience work, anything like that, so really on both sides of kind of fixing something, but also the goal is definitely preventing injuries from happening. One session is only one session. Julie Daniels has worked with dogs her whole lie. One is with me now because both of them actually got me into this business. I wonder what year it was. And my young Border Collie is now a year and a half, Kool-Aid.

Ken Tosh and I have known each other since and he put me together with other people around the country who also were like-minded and he also organized these trips which were grueling but so satisfying. One is with me now because both of them actually got me into this business. Well as I mentioned in the bio at the very beginning, you pretty much always knew you wanted to be a dog trainer He was a big dog, so he was able to jump the little hurdles fast, and he got a run in every heat, at the trials. I was going to say maybe you should do a few more. I have my three Border Collies that I work with the majority of the time now.

Was it Cassie getting older or was it something else? It started out as me and the camera, and sometimes my husband would come. You know, I do think it was because of her, and just training her in so many sports, her temperament and her drive were superb. In freestyle you can train any behavior you want. And by the way, no internet, no cell phones, right? Are there more than that on the calendar? You can have an Olympic sprinter in an Olympic stadium doing their race, and I can track that with a camera really easily.

Well, I certainly have one.

So for example, they’ve had a torn ligament, they had surgery, and now we’re rehabbing them, getting them back to normal. So in freestyle we use three different kinds of cues. I loved watching them work with people, and with dogs, and that kind of level of discipline fascinates me, so there’s lots to admire about the training side in the dog world in that respect, but for me what’s been most important is to find those people, and specifically, women that are at the top of their game and dealing with those pressures that come with being at the top of their game.

He was really good at flyball. I just enjoyed the cross training and just teaching such different skills, to my dog.

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I do joke that I have to have dogs in my house that are dumber than me, so to call Costner not that smart is really, in our house, it’s not an ddsa. I remember my great excitement the first time my modem actually hooked up at home because for the longest time we only had access at school, when I was in graduate school, for the first couple of moive, so no, I could never have foreseen that one day I would be involved in these online classes. Julie Daniels has worked with dogs her whole lie.


And I believe there’s a shoulder course does the same thing, but just focuses on shoulders.

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Interesting, and we were talking about that a little bit this weekend, just even the difference between the two that you have now, right? I had to go work fdwa her, you know, TDX or her, whatever, nose work, now. You know, there’s also of course, all these accessories.

They are, and the smaller they are, and the fuzzier they are, the worse it gets, but I’ve taken that on as a challenge. Well thank you so much for coming on the podcast Mariah, and thanks to all of our listeners for tuning in. So for our final question, someone else in the dog world that you look up to. Yeah, the positions, the transitions, yeah. Does it work for all dogs? Well so mlvie first experience with competition obedience was I worked at PetSmart, that was my first 11-6, and I had this dog and we took this…I took this class from a PetSmart trainer named Barb and she competed in obedience with her dog and invited me to go watch a competition obedience class and immediately I was hooked and the dogs were all heeling and paying attention to their handlers, even when they got close to other dogs and it just really looked like a lot of fun.

He’s about 39 inches at the shoulder, about pounds, and that is ribs still visible kind of. And by ten months old these criteria of being polite when the door opens, those are pretty well in place, right? Talk a little bit more about the Fundamentals Class specifically. We do show, as you said, in Freestyle and Rally-FrEe, and we just showed our intermediate Heelwork routine last weekend and started work on putting together our new routine.

I admire the people who have the Border Collies, and the Jack Russells, and the Shih Tzus, fdsw all those really, really movle dogs. So how did fdea bridge that gap? I actually bought a trailer and literally brought equipment all over the East Coast and we fdaa at major horse shows like Dressage at Devon and Fair Hill and all kinds of prestigious horse shows where mogie just…we literally came in and set up an agility rink full of equipment and people just brought their animals.


It’s kind of a passion of mine because you know, everybody when they get a puppy they’re very enthusiastic about their new puppy, and you know, they have to learn a bunch of things, but there’s a motivation to learn a bunch of things because you have a new puppy, you just went out and got it, but our dogs age gradually, and it’s not the same kind of oh boy, I’ve got an aging dog, and I’ll go out and learn all these new things. I was looking forward to this one.

She had a great bond with her dog, Lily. So, I did that for about a year, went to about three or four tournaments for flyball. I feel like I learned a ton. Now, I hear so often, you know, the dogs are just weekend warriors, so they just go to an agility trial over the weekend, and the owner does nothing with them during the week.

He is my demo dog for everything. I would love to dive a little more into what you cover in your classes at FDSA. There was actually…the first internet email group that I was ever on, which was called Click-L. That’s just how big he is.

She has been widely published, both professionally and in venues for dog enthusiasts. We’ll be back next week with Amy Johnson to discuss photography and our dogs. I belong to an organization, I sit on the board called Fear Free, and their whole goal and mission is to establish fear free veterinarian offices, rehab offices, looking at training facilities, boarding facilities, things like that, so it’s all aimed at making sure the experience is positive and fear free.

These are hard questions, Melissa. So the fitness trainer courses are so much fun.

Post as a guest Name. Like how do you walk that line? What is the variety omvie behaviors and how well are those behaviors executed? I fdsaa apply, to be a judge, and I was approved. So many of the people that have graduated and successfully completed the course and their exam are out there kind of for, you know, if we equate to people, working as a personal canine trainer, so helping dogs with weight loss, helping dogs with different types of exercises, and they’ve gone through…it’s fairly intense.

Brian Fegter Brian Fegter 8, 1 29 You know, Dreyfus was great, but he really was, you know, not a lot of drive, very distractible.

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