Wilson used to make their enclosures out of a high density material similar to concrete. The experiment was even reported in Beyond , a popular Australian television series that featured future technologies and science-based stories. The double chamber tweeter exhibits extremely linear response with low distortion and wide dispersion. Awesomely ugly and overpriced but, surprisingly it probably sounds pretty good. The Sovereign is the flagship of the Duntech range and acknowledged by experts as the finest loudspeaker in the world, certainly the most accurate. Gold plated and accepts banana, spade or cable connections.

Already have an account? At the time, such was the confidence in the technical expertise in this radical new speaker design that a formal experiment was commissioned to an independent studio. The company has undergone a couple of ownership changes since Dunlavy’s days and the product line-up has been rather static for a number of years. The piano-black baffle is nicely curved and designed with the Duntech trademark step while being flawless. The walnut veneer is immaculately applied and oiled and it’s obvious that the timbre’s grain and intensity of color have been thoughtfully considered. Brazilian Rosewood Golden Oak Acoustically transparent black cloth.

The reflex port is carved out of a solid piece of hardwood that forms the rear curved panel and has been skillfully rounded and contoured to avoid chuffing. Phase coherence and controlled vertical directivity of the Dunlavy produced models was apparently outstanding–which means you’d probably be getting imaging and neutral tonal balance like nothing else before it. Size Height Width Depth.

John Dunlavy sold his share of Duntech, returned to his native country in for “family reasons” and set up Dunlavy Audio Labs in Colorado Springs. The massive seven-driver Duntech Audio Sovereign was a seminal product from ex-pat John Dunlavy that put Australia on the world map of high-end loudspeakers. Duntech recommends sand-filling the stand for an ultra-solid platform for the speaker. Customized finished are also available upon request.


The DSM is a stand mount speaker using very high quality drivers in an extremely attractive and compact package. The drivers are located on a “stepped” front baffle in order to achieve a phase-coherent signal and an accurate impulse response.

What makes ANY speaker cost this much.

Mids and lows are catered for by a Danish 5-incher with a 3-inch voice coil which is crossed at 2kHz via a 1st-order network. Ki supplies eight Mecado isolation cone devices that couple or decouple the speaker to the stand.

The overall sound of the Sovereign could be characterised as natural, accurate and free of colorations.

Duntech Sovereign Series II Loudspeakers [Expired]

Audio Research is in the Minneapolis area, so we got to listen in their dedicated room. Sound absorbing, organic felt is used extensively to minimize diffraction distortion and is hand tailored to the shape of the cabinet front. Instruments and vocals are reproduced naturally without a sense of strain. Duntceh is, however, a slight “roundness” and excess warmth in the lower registers. That might explain the price.

Sovereign – Duntech

In Finland the situation has been improved, as Highend Studio started importing the brand seriiesafter a few year’s break. Resistors are high powered ceramic type. The Sovereign is a real sovreign booth” in terms of size. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Maybe they are selling these by the pound or something. Polypropylene capacitors are used for their stability, high voltage, low loss and low inductance, together with aircore inductors. Different but the same The new Duntech is a total redesign and visually a new direction for the company. The -3dB point is quoted as 42Hz which equates to very good extension for a speaker of this size, and is no doubt partly due to the quality of the 5-inch driver and the rather non-traditional — as far as Duntech — rear port.


How the manufacturer will be able to keep up it’s good name with audiophiles all over the world is somewhat unclear, as no new “revolutionary” designs have been introduced after the departure of John Dunlavy. Distribution in the USA, the biggest market for high end audio, ended a few years ago, and the brand has also gotten quite rare in Europe.

One thing that I learned at a high-end show a long time ago is that, “You can’t get big sound from small speakers. In the “ripoff” department, I believe that Dunlavy and Duntech i. Already have an account? Sign in Already have an account?

They did sound nice I would say the exact opposite of a Sonus Faber. The grill frame is an integral part of the loudspeaker design and is covered in acoustically transparent black cloth.

In the 80’s Duntech became known as “the ij neutral and accurate speakers in the world”. The goal of the vertically symmetrical driver placement is to achieve a strongly directional signal and reduce the amount of first reflections. To handle the upper frequencies, Duntech has chosen the supremely capable Scanspeak Revelator ring radiator tweeter, a design I became intimately and fondly duntecu with on the superb Whatmough P33 Signature.

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