Distraught, Kari causes Gatomon to Digivolve into Angewomon, destroying Myotismon with a combined attack. It eradicates the enemy with the holy sword Excalibur equipped to its right arm. Digital Monsters Season 1″. He is also an obtainable Green Card. Frigimon proceeds to help Tai and Agumon cross over to the island where Matt and Gabumon landed. It opens the door between dimensions with the unfaltering strength of hope! Gennai urges the group to travel to Server in order to defeat another enemy, informing them about Crests, which will allow their Digimon to Digivolve even further. Retrieved May 4,

Flying Sword of Justice. Digital Card Battle 3. The group leaves the forest and reach a desert, where they find a village of Yokomon. The fight causes the castle to crumble as WereGarurumon destroys Dokugumon, but they manage to open the gateway and escape through it. When Tai and Matt argue about climbing Infinity Mountain to get a better view of their surrounding, Joe and Gomamon decide to climb the mountain by themselves. Can evolve to Skull Greymon.

Holy Angemon

A merciless enforcer from the heavens, it speaks with the justice of its golden fists! It was sealed within a DigiMemory in Sand Zone.

Digital Card Arena small portrait Digimon Tamers: Distraught, Kari causes Gatomon to Digivolve into Angewomon, destroying Myotismon with a combined attack. Digimon Collectors EX-2 Card. In ” The Last Armor Evolution”an incarnation of Holy Angemon appears in the world of dreams when Takeru evolved Patamon into all of his possible evolutions.

Anyelmon night, Myotismon appears, defeating the Digimon. Toei Animation Digimon Adventure WonderSwan battle Digimon Adventure Can be jogressed with Devimon to become Lucemon Falldown Mode. He can evolve to Seraphimon if above level The DigiDestined are unable to celebrate their victory when they receive an e-mail from Gennai, who reveals that another enemy is the true cause for the destruction of the Digital World.

Also comes with a limited edition drama CD, and art booklet. Its Special Move is manifesting a door leading to subspace from which there is no return, and consigning the opponent to oblivion through it Heaven’s Gate. Digitize icon Digital Monster Ver. The Sseason Digimentals 3. MagnaAngemon [1] HolyAngemon [2]. Togemon destroys the Black Gear controlling Monzaemon, returning the other children to normal as well.


Cures cursed status ailments on allies. Agumon is the only Digimon capable of fighting due to eating, and when Tai is captured by Shellmon, Agumon Digivolves into Greymon and throws Shellmon into the ocean. Angemon also appeared as Baalmon’s mentor, and the former leader of the Warriors of the Goddess and Sand Zone. seqson

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However, the DigiDestined learn too late that the city they are in is under Machinedramon’s control. Gathers holy power in its fist and shoots a beam of holy light from seeason. The Movie Digimon Adventure tri. After Joe finds the Crest of Reliability, the group escapes and Tai forces Greymon to Digivolve to his ultimate form by putting himself in harm’s way.

Bandai Games Digimon Battle Chronicle. Holy Angemon’s mission in the Digital World is to act as a law enforcement officer, and it has the duty of supervising and surveying the masses of Digikon Digimon.

Virtual pet Tamagotchi ” Butter-Fly “. However, Kuwagamon causes the cliff to collapse underneath them and they fall into the river. Digital Card Arena card Digimon World: Surprise Attack on Tokyo Bay” Transcription: Furthermore, while it usually takes the form of a priest and acts as the spokesperson for the essence of “Light”, which tries to preserve the order of the Digital World, when the Digital World is shrouded by the essence of “Darkness”, it changes into its Battle Mode to fight off evil.

Both Patamon and Elecmon can evolve into Angemon, in order to evolve into Angemon, your Digimon must meet the following criteria:.

Meanwhile, Matt gets hypothermia from searching for T. Mimi finds the Crest of Sincerity on top of the cactus. Gabumon Digion into Garurumon and defeats Seadramon, rescuing him.


The DigiDestined say goodbye to their Digimon partners before leaving. This archangel wields a holy sword, preventing the coming of darkness and sealing it into another world! Although they dismantle the tracking system, Tai and Izzy return and are nearly killed by a Megadramon and Gigadramon, but Angemon saves them. When Tai and Matt argue about climbing Infinity Mountain to get a better view of their surrounding, Joe and Gomamon decide to climb the mountain by themselves.

Sora is convinced by DemiDevimon that her Crest would never glow, recalling her relationship with her mother. On August 1,the show became available for streaming in both its English and Japanese versions on Netflix in North America. Tai, Sora, and Joe find Andromon caught in machinery, who attacks them after a Black Gear enters his leg from when the group frees him.

It is an existence of complete ‘good’, and is said to bring happiness. The Island of Adventure! Can evolve to Holy Angemon or Vamdemon.

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They are taken to a nearby water spring, which his connected to Mount Miharashi, but they discover that the spring has dried up due to Meramon coming under digimoh of a Black Gear.

They attempt to escape by sea, but they are immediately stopped by MetalSeadramon. Flaps its wings to stay airborne.

Kari recovers, and, along with Sora and T. Patamon to Boku ” Japanese: Digital Card Arena card Digimon World: It can also be obtained as a collectible card.

Evolves from Patamon and can evolve to Holy Angemon. Evolves form PatamonTerriermon or Impmon.

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