Pity there were no Enlish subtitles! I have only episodes on your site. Burhan Evliaoglu Tomris Incer The entire ensemble is excellent. February 9, October 25, Bookworm. So will the Oscars still rock you? From that point on, women were not to be trusted and not to be loved, just used.

The entire ensemble is excellent. If ever we get back together, we WILL fight over it! I see a despicable man who treated a woman as a prostitute. It was a very common thing in the work environment and she could not risk it. However, why is Netflix buying only the first series of these Turkish Dramas? I love this show!!! I know plenty of people that would love to watch it but speak only English. I wish I could find this with English subtitles.

Can someone please answer: To some, this might not be a problem. Elizabeth Wall March 13, at 2: What language do you speak, other than English? Pity there were no Enlish subtitles! Please Netflix try you best. Does Fasun the miserable mean wife die.

One of my friends knows how much I love to read Romance Novels, so she sent me a link to this Turkish Serial. Learn how your comment data is processed. If ever we get back together, we WILL fight over it! You deserve the best that this world can offer.

Edit Cast Episode credited cast: Are you still translating it? To better understand them we slowly get to know both through their family and friends as well as the way they interact with each other.


ALBUM: ”Binbir gece” series(1001 Nights) ..ENGLISH subtitle!!!!

Apparently there are 71 episodes in total they said…. I speak Spanish so I was able to watch some episode in Youtube in Spanish but I would really love to buy it….

I like the actors, Berguzar and Halit, their talent and their big love that Bimbir wish endless.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Raechelle November 21, at Look how many bnbir stations you can get great movies and TV shows. It was dubbed in Chile to the Spanish. No one can win them!! Jojo March 15, at 1: They changed the language from Turk to Spanish. I know Youtube has he episodes with English subtitles.

Nights (Binbir Gece) Tv Series

While Scheherazade, was a hardened coquette-a complete pain in the posterior to the very end! Jaine April 22, at 9: So disappointed in Netflix, why would you offer only one season. Lobna March 15, at 5: Great cast and the main leads married in real life!! That is WHO I am! Not even a willing prostitute.

Those 2 countries make the best Spanish telenovelas. I am finally satisfied that Turkish writers do know how to end a story with a happy ending. Am constantly muting until it goes away.


Television shows have gone to the crap house. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Vivian June 18, at 3: She was treated like an object that could be bought for a certain price.

Eepisode 12 May 9. Again ever so slowly he reaches to the back of her head and slides the pony tail band and reverently touches her hair.

Mindy Gray April 17, at 8: Jaine April 22, at 7: I wish I could find this with English subtitles. Besides feeling the sexual tension between them, we could feel the shame and the desire.

” Nights” Finale (TV Episode ) – IMDb

What a wonderful background Istanbul made! Scheherazade, I know if I spent thousand and one nights on my knees and begged your forgiveness, I would never atone for it in my heart. Full Cast and Crew. Episodd if you can understand spanish you may look for this TV cannel signal. It overrides scenes and dialog.

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