Sumitra gives her beads chain. He asks, are you fine? All are very happy and have big smiles. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Shiv says, I will reach there. Last updated Mar 28,

Harki refuses and asks her to get back to work. All are shocked as Dadisa had refused tea a little while earlier. Ira asks her whether she is ok. Anandi asks Jagya about his well being. He says, I know you are worried about Mannu. Disa says your end has come Harki. Alok asks him what happened. Nimboli says so you was in the car.

Daddu asks Saachi to get tea for Vivek. Geeta says it is very difficult, I have to return to my house. She calls again and hears his voice. We do not support playback on bailka browser, requesting you to please update your browser to the latest version.

Balika Vadhu-Colors Serial: Balika Vadhu : 15th March – Full Episode (HD)

She makes her eat more. Sumitra is surprised that Dadisa refused tea. Anandi gives some toys to Taahan for Abhimanyu and Bhairavi. Disa says your end has come Harki. Geeta tells Akhira singh that Harki did right by punishing Nimboli. Ganga and Sumitra cutting veggies. Anandi is exicted hear the news of her Alliance. Daddu asks for the mithai. Disa feels bad and goes to her room.

Shiv says that he will call SP and withdraw the case. Sandhya threatens to expose everyone. It is the Kabra parents. She gives him wallet and handkerchief. Anandi tells her that nothing will happen to Mannu. She worries for Mannu. Anandi holds and hugs her. Now they would have to defend themselves in court.


Ira says that she is waiting for Sanchi. Dadisaa asks nurse to tell Doctor to treat Mannu first so that they can send Ratan Singh back to Jail. Anandi says I saw you today. Like 0 Dislike 0. It’s Not That Simple S Harki comes to the jungle and hopes Chudail must have eaten Nimboli. She comes near the tree and sees Nimboli nowhere. Anandi says, but I have to get learning licence. Nimboli says I feels that I am not auspicious for anyone. Alok asks him what happened.

Dadisa is embarrassed and tells that Shiv had asked for tea. Anandi tells Ira that she have to go for her NGO work.

Akhira Singh asks for a chance. Shiv says that he may be running around but he has time for some tea. Mannu asks who are you?

Dadisa tells Anandi that this was not necessary. Chudail has eaten Nimboli and Chagani went on a leave. She was eaten by the chudail.

Anandi Ki Laadli Par Sitam..!! ‘Balika Vadhu’ 24th March 2015

Dadisa says that this was the only reason they had reconciled to this arrangement. Ganga says he is busy. Ira tell him that she will feed him with her own hands. Shiv says, he is outside Udaipur. Disa tells Harki left lakshmi with banyan tree intentionally. Dadisaa thanks Devimaa as Jagya told Mannu can be saved.


Balika Vadhu

And Vivek too would not have told them about Sanchi. He says, I am thinking to gift a bicycle to Anandi. Disa tells her to bring back Nimboli and says it is not good to leave her in the jungle. Anandi asks the old woman to stay at the ashram.

Will Sandhya be able to stop Anandi’s wedding? They would not be able to stay long but will be able to meet everyone and ensure them that they are with them in this time of need. Nimboli tells her name and says why did I tell. She says, it is on their way. Shiv taehan blessings and hugs Jagya. And none of us would like that.

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