Elucidates a wide range of ethical issues associated with food production, processing, distribution, and consumption. Women in Western Religions. Explores two basic questions: The Ethics of Food. Asian Religions in the United States. Topics vary, and students may register for the course more than once. Offers students an opportunity to develop skills in ethics and values analysis that can be applied to evaluate food-related practices and policies.

Hinduism, Buddhism, and Beyond: Focuses on a topic of special importance in the study of religion. Select College Select Course Prefix If a course prefix is selected then any college selection will be ignored. Table 5 shows the number of courses with a given course prefix. Column 3 shows what percentage this number is relative to the total number of courses. Some time is given to early Greek philosophers, to the Sophists, and to later developments. Explores two basic questions: Following the theoretical component, the course considers social issues that arise in a global context:

Following the theoretical component, the course considers social issues that arise in a global context: Emphasizes the transformation apocalypticismm religions practiced in Africa when African captives were forced into the three slave trades affecting the continent of Africa: Evolution and game theory, the formal study of social interaction, have recently been applied to these areas in order to better understand how these norms can arise naturally.

Examines image, text, and ritual in the ancient world to analyze this theory and to explore what some scholars call the patriarchalization of these primal religions. The course prefix must be alphabetic characters. The sum represents the sum of the off-diagonal elements in a row or a column, that is, the total number of courses with the particular basic core attribute plus nottheastern other basic core attribute. Introduces students to the fundamentals of moral theory; ethical reasoning; social and political philosophy; as well as theories of social, political, and institutional change.


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Offers an opportunity for an internship. To filter by college or by course prefix, make a selection in the appropriate dropdown menu. If there are no NUpath categories for a particular course, the report says None for that course.


Social and Political Philosophy. Begins with an in-depth look apocalypricism the biblical materials contained in Daniel and Revelation, explores apocryphal and pseudepigraphal texts, and examines millenarian and messianic expectations in their historical perspectives. Image and Icon in South Asia. Ethics and Evolutionary Games.

Elucidates a wide range of ethical issues associated with food production, processing, distribution, and consumption. Explores the religions of Africa as they express themselves apocalypticissm the Americas in various Christian forms; in new religions such as Vodou, Santeria, and the Rastafari; and unique forms of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

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Focuses on such major figures as the rationalists Descartes, Leibniz, and Spinoza, and the empiricists Locke, Berkeley, and Hume.

Begins by exploring indigenous African religions, then traces the forced transplantation of those religions and the way in which new religions emerge from the combination, or syncretism, of African symbols and belief and the forms of Christianity that existed in the New World when Africans arrived.

Combines readings in primary source materials the religious texts of these traditions with secondary examinations of the historical and doctrinal developments within each tradition and region. Explores the philosophy behind economics. What is the nature and proper scope of the law? Studies a book or genre of texts of the Hebrew Bible in English translation.

Introduces the ethics of food. Investigates ideals of human flourishing, notions of virtue and vice, and conceptions of selfhood and community.

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Primarily, Adam and Eve have served to legitimize and enforce gender and other social hierarchies, but occasionally, and particularly in light of modern feminism, are employed to justify egalitarianism. Asian religions in the United States include two basic groups of believers. Introduction to Economic Justice. Introduces students to philosophy by acquainting them with the theories and arguments of classical and contemporary philosophers and by teaching skills of constructing and analyzing arguments.


Seeks to answer the question, what is evil? Focuses on the story of Eden, which has been interpreted and reinterpreted by Jewish, Christian, and Muslim thinkers throughout history.

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northeastsrn Uses primary and secondary sources to study these conflicts to analyze the workings of religious rhetoric and political rhetoric about religions.

Readings include works in the method and theory of religious studies, the practice of ethnography, and case studies of lived religion, especially those that focus on urban religion. Topics include traditional religions, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism in Africa and the diaspora.

While no religion is static, the movement of a tradition to a new land always involves a certain amount of reinterpretation. Offers a nirtheastern approach to Eastern and Western ethical traditions. Philosophical Problems of Law and Justice.

By appreciating the process of scriptural interpretation and the various sources of authority for it, allows us to see contemporary theological conflicts in a broader perspective. Seeks to show what puzzles and problems result from an honest attempt to answer these questions in a reasonable way: The northheastern centers around Hindi popular cinema Bollywood but includes films from art cinema New Cinema and diaspora films for contrast with the mainstream cinema.

Offers elective credit for courses apocalypyicism at other academic institutions. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. This course is modeled after the Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl filk on current social and ethical issues. Includes some contemporary efforts at integration of scientific and traditional values in the modern healthcare system.

Considers the relationship between technology and humanity, the social dimensions of technology, and ethical issues raised by emerging technologies. To expand a section, click on the.

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