Angela Robar


We help you tell your customers about your PEOPLE. When you dig a little bit, you realize that people are very unique, and the story of the people behind your brand helps you stand apart and be memorable.


I created Vinette after building the foundation for the Bocelli Family Wine brand; driving performance, communications, and social media efforts at Small Vineyards Imports; and spending 10 years consulting with brands of all sizes on marketing in the technology industry.


I was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska.


I love to cook and eat. I'm learning about wine, but I really love learning about the people, grape varieties, and places behind the wines I drink.


I serve on the Seattle Center Advisory Commission. Seattle Center is the #1 busiest destination in Washington State attracting more than 12 million visitors a year. The campus is home to such a great mix of organizations from The Rep, Ballet, Opera, to Pacific Science Center, Chihuly Gardens, the Space Needle, Rat City Rollergirls, SIFF, and soon to be KEXP.


I'm a Sounders fan and season ticket holder.

Before the wine industry, I spent 10 years working in all facets of marketing. I like to "do" so that the strategies I create for customers are realistic and so I know what it takes to execute them flawlessly.


I have a degree in Business with a concentration in marketing from Western Washington University.

I am patient and know that hard work and persistence pay off. I'm fairly laid back and don't sweat the small stuff, but on things I deem important I'll keep hammering the nail on the head until I'm absolutely positive I will get the result I'm after.

I married a guy from Alaska who I met in school when we were on the swim team. We're celebrating 10 years of marriage in 2013 and will have been together 18 years. Woah.


He's a land surveyor which I find fascinating. We have a dog and a cat and reside in West Seattle. Whenever the opportunity arises, we're traveling somewhere wonderful.