Vinette Wine Co.


With Vinette, we make it easy for wine brands to have a best-in-class marketing. We help you tell your story and deliver it so you stand out from the crowd and your brand can be memorable. We have a mobile marketing platform that is unrivaled; we provide the materials you need to make a splash in the marketplace; we help you drive direct to customer connections and word-of-mouth buzz, and we track and analyze the data to see what's happening with your product in the market.

Tasting Room

Vinette Tasting Room
2009 Manord Ave East
Seattle, WA 98102 USA
  • 09:00 am > 05:00 pm Mon - Thu
  • 09:00 am > 07:00 pm Fri - Sat Closed Sunday, $5 Tasting Fee
Seattle Tasting Room
18 Galer St
Seattle, WA 98109
  • 01:00 pm > 05:00 pm Sun
  • 12:00 pm > 05:00 am Mon - Thu
  • 10:00 am > 05:00 pm Fri - Sat

Vinette was an idea born while owner, Angela Robar, was working for an importer of Mediterranean wines in 2010. In January 2011 she took the icy entrepreneurial plunge and left to pursue solving some big challenges for small and mid-size wine brands in the industry. In early 2012 Vinette released  our first version of our mobile marketing platform. Since then we've had more than 11,000 pageviews, a 90% page read rate per visit, 3,400 scans, and 534 visits from Facebook and Pinterest.



We help small and mid-size wine brands do great marketing. We start by helping brand owners get more out of everything they are already doing. When they're ready, we provide ideas and guidance to help them grow.

We are in Washington and Italy; what better places to be if you're working with wine?!