JL (Lynne) Chamberlain


JL Chamberlain is the only Walla Walla native to grow her own grapes, make her own wines and raise Cabernet Cows to boot!


A farm to table girl, I eat lots of red meat.  I raise cows that are grass fed, natural and finished on the grape pomace from my winemaking process.


In  the summer my vegetables are from the garden, my bread is from the wheat I raise and the peas are from my farm.

In the first class of the WW Enology program, I initially wanted to be a better grower of wine grapes.  But a bad partnership in the winery put me squarely into the winemaking.

Still learning, I’ve been at this since 2002.  I started as a “purist” making almost classic Bordeaux styles…no fining, no filtering. Like raising children, I am already adjusting to create elegant wines of unique terroir.

Once a teacher, I am a true “learner”. Somewhat independent, my bucket list has no bottom.